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From planning to execution of successful exhibitions we ensure exhibitions run seamlessly, providing a positive experience for exhibitors and attendees. As a company we have evolved hand in hands With technology and so have our services, in order to provide best solutions for your exhibition needs.

Exhibition hall with exhibition stand and people walking.
Exhibition Stands

We can help you transform your exhibition space into a captivating narrative of your brand identity. Our team of experts specialize in holding pulse of the event and craft stands that tell your brand story. We help you design stands that are both visual delights and interactive spaces that gives your audience an experience to remember.

Exhibition Concept Design

Concept design is a crucial part of any event or exhibition and by gaining a thorough comprehension of your ideas and applying our extensive knowledge, we lay the groundwork for a successful event. Our concepts redefines the blank canvas of your exhibition into a colourful experience by curating a fusion of aesthetics, technology and interactive narratives.

Stage Design

Stage design can be the difference between a good event and a great one. We create unforgettable event experiences by designing a stage that moves beyond the presentation, speaker or performance – and becomes a feature in itself.
Your stage is more than a platform; it’s an event feature

Experiential Marketing

Create a dynamic event experience with powerful experiential marketing and let your screen content & projections set the scene. At Inventum, we work closely with you to uncover your essential message and then bring it to life through a number of experiences. If it can be projected, mapped or displayed on an LED screen then it’s undergone digital styling.

Exhibition Promotion

Create the ultimate branding experience for your exhibition and make it engaging for your audience. Moreover, Immerse your guests even before they step in through the door with impressive visual displays using our range of banners and tv screens, digital banners and HEX Panels.

Turnkey Exhibition Services

Whatever your turnkey exhibition requirements are, we will help you with complete custom services. Whether it’s a Stage Backdrop, Temporary Washrooms, a Fibre Decoration piece, an Exhibition Stand, we can handle the Design, Fabrication, Installation, and Dismantling. Our team of experts manage the entire exhibition experience for you.

Event Technology

Find new ways to excite, inspire and engage your exhibition, conference or event attendees with event technology and digital solutions.
Our range of event technology and digital solutions allows immediate engagement with your audience, providing an inclusive atmosphere for your guests and interactive ways to gather feedback from your event.

Event Success Starts Here – Lean on Us!

Take the first step towards delivering your event by letting us know what you want to achieve.
Our experienced event team is ready to make your next event a Success.