21 Amazing Promotional Giveaways for Trade Shows in your Budget

Don’t want to spend a lot and yet hand out giveaways that have a long-lasting impression?

Stay with us!

In this blog we’ll understand importance of giveaways for trade shows and some amazing Giveaway Ideas. These cool giveaway ideas will definitely increase your brand promotion.

Is a trade show you care about approaching fast?

By now. you must be planning to have a great trade show booth design for you next participation. And would surely want to make an impression, but are you contemplating on how to go about it?

We are here with an answer.

One word. Nine Letters. Giveaways!

This might sound a little unimportant but believe us, it is directly important.

It is widely known in marketing that promotional items or giveaways for trade shows make a more favorable impression in the eyes of the customers.

So much so, that according to the Promotional Products Association International’s 2018 Promotional Products’ fact sheet.

  • 79% visitors researched the brand after receiving a promotional product
  • They are 83% more likely to do business with the brand
  • 81% keep promotional products for more than a year

Now that we’ve established through facts how important giveaways for trade shows are, let us explain to you WHY.

Why Are Giveaways Important?


  • Aid with Brand Recognition
  • Upsurge On-Ground Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Escalate Booth Traffic
  • Helps Prospects Remember You
  • Maximise ROI

It is an undisputed fact now that giveaways for trade shows are trending! So, the question still remains – Are you still on a mental block on giveaways ideas in your budget?

So here goes.

But Giveaways in Budget?

21 Budget Giveaway Ideas for Trade Shows

1. Pocket Scuba Foam Koozies

Scuba is a term commonly used to describe the foam rubber backing and Pocket-Scuba-Kooziespolyester outer covering on koozies. There are different types of scuba foam. The product we carry for our can and bottle koozies is approximately a 3.5 mm high density foam rubber. And Koozies are insulated sleeves that are used to keep a canned or bottled drink cold.

These are a very thoughtful and useful swag items to hand out and they’re durable too! Therefore, having koozies as part of your giveaway ideas will make them remember you for a long time.

Price: Starting at $1

Where can you buy from:  Plum Grove

2. Customised Plaques

A Plaque is an ornamental tablet, typically of metal, porcelain, or wood, Customised-Plaquesthat is fixed to a wall or other surface in commemoration of a person or event.

You could customise the plaques according to your prospects’ names or their companies, and add your logo and make it personalised.

Thereby, this too will draw attendees’ attention because who doesn’t like to get facilitated with an award for no reason whatsoever?

Price: Starting at $0.05

Where can you buy from:

3. Workout Resistance Bands

A resistance band is an elastic band used for strength training. Giveaway-Resistance-BandsThey are also commonly used in physical therapy.

While some of them must exceptionally be fitness freaks, it is the harsh reality that most of the people in the corporate world are unable to afford spending the luxury of time that they anyway hardly get, in hitting the gym. That being said, there is nothing we all won’t do to remain fit while staying at home. Resistance Bands bring all your workout routines back to you while you simply spend some time exercising at home. Hence, resistance bands as your choice for giveaways for trade shows have hardly any chances to fall flat. It will for sure rock as your giveaway ideas.

Price: Starting at $1.29

Where can you buy from: 4imprint


4. Eco-Friendly Reusable Steel Straws

Do you know how the plastic straws are harmful for Giveaway-Stainless-Steel-Strawsus and the environment, both?

Over the past few years, green efforts have come into play a lot more than  they were before. Therefore, your giveaway ideas being eco-friendly will grab a lot of attention from those warm hearts. Straws made of stainless steel are way less harmful for you and can be reused as many times as you want.

Price: Starting from $3

Where can you buy from: Snag Your Swag

5. Neon Christmas Baubles with Logos

Christmas ornaments, baubles, “Christmas bulbs” Christmas-Baublesor “Christmas bubbles” are decorations that are used to festoon a Christmas tree. Ornaments take many different forms, from a simple round ball to highly artistic designs.

If your event is around Christmas, have your logos printed on Christmas baubles and hand them out for people to use them in their respective trees or at their places in an array they like and have a lasting impression of you, willy-nilly!


Where can you buy from: Krebs & Sohn

6. Personal Security Alarms

A Personal Safety Alarm is a mini hand-held Personal-Security-Alarmdevice that emits a siren-like sound to alarm people about your safety.

These make great giveaway ideas and show how concerned you are about your attendees’ safety. Hence, making them feel that you care about them.

Price: Starting at $1.9

Where can you buy from: PromotionsNow

7. Drawstring Bags

These are funky bags are extremely useful. Giveaway-Drawstring-Backpack They can be customised according to your choice. Therefore, a great way to promote your brand.

Formally intended to be used as a sports accessory, it can be used in multiple ways.

Don’t forget to keep the logo loud and clear and then have them as your giveaway ideas.

Price: Starting from $0.29

Where can you buy from: 4imprint

8. Webcam Security Cover

A webcam camera cover is yet another security tool. Webcam-Security-Cover It’s a piece of plastic or metal that can be placed on your lens to cover the camera for the prevention of cyber-crimes against certain websites.

Therefore, it is a great tool for your tech savvy visitors.

Price: Starting from $0.51

Where you can buy from: ePromos

9. Pop-Sockets

It is a mobile phone accessory that aids for you to Giveaway-Pop-sockets have a better grip on your phone.

Besides this it helps you text or take selfies in a much easier way. However, your prospects don’t have to worry about dropping their phones.

Price: Starting from $0.73

Where you can buy from: Empire Promos

10. Stainless Steel Tumblers

Stainless Steel Tumblers, unlike plastic tumblers Giveaway-Steel-Tumbler are way safer to drink beverages from. In addition to this, they are of course eco-friendly.

Furthermore, they’re safer as they are Bisphenal A (BPA)- free which is a harmful substance found in plastics.

Hence, they are great giveaways for trade shows. Lastly, they are resistant from puncture and very durable which is gives it a double plus point.

Price: Starting from $1.70

Where can you buy from: Discount Mugs

11. Stress Balls

When you’re stressed out, stress balls are a great Giveaway-Stress-Balls option. In particular, they help to release your physical clench in something instead of either clenching the air or hurting someone.

It also releases some kind of energy that helps you relax.

Moreover, Stress in today’s world is much prevalent. Hence, it is a great choice for you to have stress balls as giveaways and encourage your visitors to relax and have a stress-free life.

Price: Starting from $0.70

Where you can buy from: Quality Logo Products

12. Trendy Earphones

Earphones are again a great idea for giveaways for Giveaway-Earphones trade shows because frankly all of us use them all the time and can never ever have enough of them. Let your visitors have something they pretty much always want. Even a headphone would do and would still be in budget.

Price: Starting at $1

Where can you buy from: Macro Promos

13. Hand-Sanitizers

What’s a better way to promote yourself than protecting Giveaway-Hand-Sanitiser your prospects from germs?

If they don’t use it themselves, they’d give it to their kids to carry to school but sanitizers will not go to waste.

Price: Starting at $0.18

Where can you buy from: Totally Promotional

14. Sweet Promotional Items

Nothing sweetens the mood of the attendees than Giveaway-Sweets sweets themselves. We strongly believe that no matter what age, caste, creed, culture, nationality – sweets unite us all! Sweets can be offered to them in all forms ever possible. Provided, they are miniature.

Some examples are – Chocolate Santa Claus and Gubor Easter Bunny.

Price: On Request

Where can you buy from: Süsse Werbung

15. Canvas Tote Bags

A tote bag is a large bag that is unfastened. They are Giveaway-Tote-Bags like reusable shopping bags.

They are also a great idea for giveaways for trade shows because your attendees can carry all of the giveaways they get, in the bag you have provided them with instead of carrying them in their hands or unnecessarily stuffing their bags.

Price: Starting at $1.30

Where can you buy from: Garrett Specialities 

16. Desk Organisers

In the name of those crazy days at work where you just can’t seem to get it together, hand out all sorts of desk organisers to your attendees. As long as they’re quirky, these are sure to make it to your visitors’ desk. And they’ll remember you when you’re there to save their day.

Price: Starting at $1.35

Where can you buy from: ePromos

17. Branded T-shirts

The wearables are a great choice for giveaway Giveaway-Branded-T-shirts ideas for visitors to never forget your brand. Aim for something like casual t-shirts. They could wear it outside or simply sleep comfortably in it but either way it will be a winner.

Provided you’ve branded well, they are sure to not forget you after this.

Price: Starting at $3

Where can you buy from: Solutionist

18. Phone Stand Amplifiers

The cell phone stand sound amplifier enables Giveaway-Phone-Stand-Amplifier you to share your music through passive sound amplification. It’s incredibly durable and renewable. Desk cell phone stand bamboo amplifier without plug or with any modern electronic equipment, you can easily reach the stereo effect with this desk phone stand. They make it to the “Hey, check this out, this is so cool” giveaway category.

Price: Starting at $0.87

Where can you buy from: Macro Promos

19. Phone Card Sleeve

A phone card sleeve is like a mini adhesive wallet you Giveaway-Phone-Card-Sleeve put at the back of your phone that has an ability to hold your ID-cards or your business cards or credit cards or other such important cards.

It is very helpful.

Price: Starting at $0.58

Where can you buy from: 4all Promos

20. Mini Calculator

These make an extremely functional giveaway too.

You know those times you have got to calculate things and then you have to unlock your phone and then search for it in the apps, you would simply have a calculator attached to your bag! No efforts needed.

Price: Starting at $0.35

Where can you buy from: Ali Express

21. A-Mazing Game

This is a mini travel-friendly stress buster maze game. Giveaway-Mazing-Game It is a great giveaway to keep them engaged while all of their tours and travels. It’s portable so they could even play this in their flights and thank you later for not letting them get bored!

Price: Starting at $1.09

Where can you buy from: 4imprint

Now that you have plethora of ideas for giveaways to choose from, don’t consider yourself all set, just yet. There are things you need to stay wary of while picking giveaways for trade shows. Find them out-

Things not to do while planning for your giveaway ideas

  • Giving Away an Item Without Plan
  • Having Only Low Budget Items
  • Having Low Quality Items
  • Having Dysfunctional Items

Yay, congratulations on mastering the art of giving away giveaways for trade shows!

We have a gift for you for your accomplishment.

A free Pro Tip!

Bonus Tip

With marketing shifting towards the trends wherein you don’t actually display your name but make it pretty evident, this concept should be applied to trade shows too.

Think beyond the logo and think of having a “cool” factor of your company culture as a message.

Also, do not just put your giveaways for trade shows on display for the sake of it. Arrange them in a manner that visually appeals the attendees. This is what will draw them towards you in an exhibition full of monotonous booths. This is because your visitors value nothing less than visually breathtaking displays.


According to the Promotional Products Association International – “Out of broadcasts, online platforms, prints or mobiles and promotional goods, everyone ranks promotional goods as the #1 most effective form of advertising to promotion across all generations.”

So, don’t have second thoughts. Your decision to invest in giveaways for trade shows and your effort is sure to be fruitful. Trust us, thoughtful giveaways will get you the response and ROI you have been waiting for.

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