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Stage Design – Transform Any Stage into a Feature

Enjoy unlimited possibilities with stage design, thanks to the latest technologies and our design specialists.

Inspiring Stage Design

Stage design can be the difference between a good event and a great one. We create unforgettable event experiences by designing a stage that moves beyond the presentation, speaker or performance – and becomes a feature in itself.
Your stage is more than a platform; it’s an event feature.

A stage is a playground with so much potential. 

Our technical teams, graphic designers, stylists, and set designers work with you across the concept, design, and delivery. We’ll transport your message using the latest audio-visual; stage design and styling solutions to make the setting of your event truly stand out.

Tailored stage design with an exceptional execution.

Creative stage design using Render to Reality

Our stage design is based on the venue’s parameters using the ‘render to reality’ principal. By utilizing the latest rendering software, we can ensure that what we design will look exactly the same in real life, and avoid any surprises on event day.

Creativity and experience

Our in-house designers have the creativity and experience to design a tailored stage set particular to your event needs whether it is an annual general meeting, fashion show, awards ceremony or conference.

Custom set design brought to life using AV and multimedia.

We make stage worthy of the stars that fill it. 

Unrestricted by imagination, our creative in-house designers will transform any stage into something visually spectacular, with customized content, curved backdrops, 3D projection mapping, motion graphics, digital banners, and projection.

Spectacular stage designs, crafted by experts.

Awe-inspiring stage design that is structurally sound

When creating a bespoke stage design, safety is just as important as style. With some of the best talent in the industry and the largest range of event services around the globe, Inventum will design an awe-inspiring stage that is technically and structurally sound.

With Stage Design, Backdrop Plays a very Important Role. Check out our Latest Stage Backdrop Options for your Next Event or Conference.
We love events.

With a vast experience in the industry, we’re the most trusted team with the largest range of event services.

We’re local, wherever you are.

With more than 100 locations and local alliances around the globe, we’re ready to take on any event.

Creativity is in our DNA.

From AV to styling, our experts bring your vision to life, leaving you with a tailored solution and great experience.

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