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Participating at MEDICA and don’t know how to design your exhibition stand? Don’t worry, this blog has all you need to know. 

MEDICA is world’s largest and extensive trade fairs for everything related to the Medical Sector. 

Mainly, MEDICA comprises of medical technology and equipment. It is held in Dusseldorf each year with over 5,100 exhibitors from 66 nations.

Let us ensure you that whatever be the kind of booth design you pick; you will have endless ideas for possibilities to make it a conquest.

Here is all you need to know about the different kinds of exhibition stands and ways you can exhibit in them:

1. One-Side Open Stands – Interesting Design Tips to Stand Out


These are the type of exhibition stands that have 3 walls and are open from the front.

  • Elevated Floor?

With the exhibition stand enclosed by walls from three sides, an elevated flooring will give it a cluttered and an “extra” look, especially if the stand area & height is less. So, if the exhibition stand size is too small, try to avoid having a raised floor.


  • Prominent Fascia

Fascia is the front head of the exhibition stand depicting your brand clearly. The Fascia should speak it all for you. Add lighting and inventive graphics or shapes. Try have a fascia that leaves those medical professionals spell-bound.


  • Use Contrasting Colours

We know MEDICA is a minimalists’ event but that doesn’t mean you can’t use colours. For example, keeping the exhibition stand plain and adding a carpet with a contrasting colour will make it “Wow”- worthy.


  • Less is More

Try having a non-cluttered design and it will give your exhibition stand a unique vibe. That being said, you can still have some display elements to make your booth attract attention.


  • Display Creativity Through Lights

Use lights to grab attention. But, here too, since it’s MEDICA – less is more. So, avoid going overboard. Having a back-lit or edge-lit fascia will do it for you.

2. Two-Side Open Stands – Awesome Design Ideas to Nail MEDICA


These are L-shaped exhibition stands, closed from two sides and open from two.

  • Play with Shapes

If there is one thing you want to play with in your stand design, it is its shape.

Have an unusual shape for the walls and it will be a treat to your attendees’ eyes and will break through the flatness of other plain exhibition stands at MEDICA.


  • Mini-Seating Arrangement

MEDICA is bound to get your attendees tired after a while. So, you can have a small seating arrangement for the visitors to relax for a bit and to sit with you while you demonstrate how your product or technology functions.


  • Interactive Kiosks

You can have i-Pad kiosks and make what they experience stirring and worth remembering. You can add feedback forms or make the attendees fill in their details digitally. This medium will prove as eco-friendly business cards as you will avoid the usage of papers. Also, it will be easier for you to assemble their information and maintain a database instead of using registration sheets and then spending hours trying to collate it.


  • Try to Not Have the Storage Space in The Middle

Try positioning the storage space at the corner of your L-shaped exhibition stand. Your storage space gives you another opportunity for branding and to add a design to. So, make use of it. You can add graphics or information about your medical equipment or technology, or pictures.

3. Three-Side Open Stands – Creative Design Tips to Stand Apart


These are the type of  exhibition stands that have only one wall and are open from three sides.

  • Add Rigging

At MEDICA, you can have an inventive rigging with respect to both, the shape and content, for you to gain attention. The rigging should look appealing, so the medical professionals’ attention, you can grab effortlessly.


  • Branding Wall and LED Walls

Try to make the branding wall extremely informative and captivating. Else, you will struggle a little to be able to communicate your medical product or technology in the extent that it should be communicated. You can use LED walls and make them see the cross-sections of the product or technology you are offering for them to get a deeper insight.


  • Have a Flashy Fascia

You can have a fascia that makes them go, “God, this is the first of its kind, I’ve come across.” Having an extraordinary fascia just puts your brand out there. At MEDICA, if your fascia looks decent in terms of the ability to make them not take their eyes off your brand, you are halfway there.


  • Display Elements

Add display elements like pop-up stands, standees and touch-screen panels to further enhance it. If you have your products like compressors and other medical equipment that you want to display, keep them in a pre-defined array to give your booth a creative look at MEDICA.


  • Cornering the Storage Space Yet Again

We understand, it is important having a storage space. You need to keep important stuff in there including the details of all the networking you did with medical professionals there and things even more crucial. But the storage space, you can have at the corners to not disturb the arrangement of the booth and to give it a much symmetrical look.

4. Four-Side Open Stands to Slay at MEDICA


These are the exhibition stands that have no walls and are open from all sides.

  • Go Big on The Rigging

The rigging is sort of the only thing you have for branding. So, try to not make it look minimal. Add shapes. Twists and Circles. Add insignias. Be innovative. Hang stuff from up there. Make them awe-struck.


  • LED Walls to The Rescue

Adding LED Video Walls will help you with visual communication of your offerings to the attendees in MEDICA. For example, if you are planning to launch a new medical product or technology, display them through LED Walls for everyone to see.


  • “Shhh, there’s a meeting going on”

Having a Separate Meeting Room and giving a chance to let your attendees speak with you in a private setting this year at MEDICA. It is sure to help you gain your attendees’ faith. And with doctors and other medical professionals, it is all about faith after all, isn’t it?


  • The Center of Storage

Try to keep the storage space in the middle and plan it in a way it looks seamless. You can use all your ingenious design ideas here and it will not disappoint you. Adding pictures of your product or service you are trying to actually display at MEDICA, is a great idea.


  • Free-Standing Lightbox

What we love about trade show booths is that new design techniques never stop coming up in the market. It is self-standing and you can keep it anywhere in your booth. So even without really having a wall, you can still have one.

So, as we said before, be it any kind of exhibition stand, the ideas for them are never-ending. Right from conceptualizing to really making it happen, we give you all you need for your designs. Oh, and we give it our all.

Hope to see you soon at MEDICA.

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