DMEXCO – 5 Event Engagement Tactics You Must Know!

Make the Most through these Engagement Tactics at DMEXCO

DMEXCO (Digital Marketing EXposition and COnference) is a spearheading trade fair for Digital Marketing and Advertising.

With 41,000 visitors 1000 exhibitors and 550 speakers, DMEXCO is launching its 11th edition on 11th and 12th September 2019 in Messe Cologne, Germany.

And now let’s tell you something no one else will. Digital Marketers even in their everyday lives are aficionados for creativity. So, it is obvious they will be extremely creative with their booths.

So, this is one event you don’t have to worry about going overboard on anything ranging from design to engagement techniques. In fact, the bigger the better.

So, with almost no time left for DMEXCO ‘19, we definitely don’t want you to struggle with the age-old question- “But how to fulfil the daunting task of keeping the attendees engaged?”

Here are 5 ideas for you to keep them engaged:

1. Design – You can’t use up creativity


Engagement works if you are able to gauge the attention of the attendees. So, before anything else, you need to have a design that identifies with them and makes them go

“Oh! Would you look at that?”

Here are some ideas for the same-

Shapes and Contrasting Colours

We can’t say it enough but DMEXCO is not a minimalists’ event. Hence, Whimsical Shapes, Optical Illusions and Contrasting Colours should be very well inculcated in the booth design.

Other examples for the same are Over-sized Props and Inflatables.


“Give Me Some Space!”

Nobody likes a series of small clustered booths where there is no place for attendees to visit, move around or sit. So, let openness be your USP this DMEXCO.



Having extraordinary lighting is sure to grab second-glances. Have captivating edge-lit and back-lit graphics.


Invest in Rigging

It might look like it’s unimportant but investing in riggings is a great idea for you to go from being an “okay” booth to being an exceptional one.


“I’ll Just Sit Down for a While”

The truth is- DMEXCO is tiring. Going from one booth to the other for the whole day would make anyone want to sit and relax for a while. So, having a place for your attendees to sit will be an added advantage.

Arrange a mini-lounge area and make sure your seating arrangement is in the front so it’s visible to your attendees and makes you look welcoming.

2. Interactive Design – Make it simple but significant


After you have managed to attract the attendees’ attention and they wish to take a closer look, the design should speak with them and engage them.

Wait, wasn’t that the purpose anyway?

Also let content be the king this DMEXCO!

Flashy and witty content is sure to engage them on a deeper level and draw them towards knowing more about you.

So, following are ideas for some things you can incorporate for your booth to be interactive:

● i-Pad Kiosks
● Digital Flipbook
● Multi Touch Table
● Charging Stations

3. Technology Integration – Tell your stories with technology

Do you think technology is a boon? Yeah, so do we.

Technology integration in the design and activities you offer at your booth at DMEXCO will be a sure-shot way to enhance engagement.

But before using technology keep these things in mind that it should be:

  • Flexible
  • Environment-friendly
  • Customisable

Some of the latest technology ideas are as follows:

  • AR and VR
  • Video Walls
  • Holograms
  • Floor Projection
  • Beacon Technology

4. Activities – Break the monotony


No engagement can ever be possible if you do not look like you worked hard to engage them.

So, always have fun activities to offer!

Using your best creative and innovative instincts will surely pay off at DMEXCO 2019. Following are some ideas for the same:

  • Gamification
  • Campaign (Keep the theme of your booth similar to an ongoing campaign by your company or you can curate a campaign for this particular event).
  • Contests and Giveaways
  • Cultural Performances
  • Photo Booths with Props
  • Live Demos/Presentation
  • Special Discounts

5. Food & Beverages – It connects people


Do you like food? We know we do.

So why not give out something that unites us all? Food and Beverages.
The most engagement you’ll see will be at booths offering food and beverages.

Truth be told, DMEXCO is a long event and people might get famished, dehydrated and physically drained. But if under such conditions your booth has food or beverages to offer, you have nothing to worry about. There is no better tactic for augmenting footfall and facilitating engagement than *food and beverages!*

Pro Tip- If everything else fails, have uniquely flavoured candies to offer because who doesn’t like candies, right?

If you’re wondering what our role is here, from interactive design to technology integration, Inventum is your one-stop solution to engage attendees in the best possible way! Have a happy event!

We look forward to seeing you at DMEXCO 2019.

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