9 Creative Exhibition Booth Ideas That Will Help You Stand Out

If You Want To Stand Out, Use These Ideas For Your Next Trade Show Booth.

1. Communicate your message without distraction : Cinematic Stands


For video content at your exhibition, the scenography cones are a captivating exhibition booth ideas.

The cone shape shields attendees from the business of the trade show and your guests are immersed in your message. The design is weirdly futuristic and definitely piques interest.

2. Make it easy to buy: Example – Implement Meeting Room


Creating a meeting space in your booth is an awesome way to hold your attendee’s attention and give them an opportunity to speak with you in a private setting. Some questions in the buying process aren’t meant for the prying ears at a trade show. Since buying is an emotional decision, you want to do everything possible to give your attendees the tools they need to make a decision at the show.

Advanced exhibition booth idea: Allow and encourage attendees to make appointments to speak with your team in the meeting room. If someone attending the show is not the key decision maker, encourage them to schedule a phone call with the person who is in your meeting space. Make sure you have the technology available to do it. Don’t rely on cell phone connections.

3. Grab Attention by Creating Worlds within a World


Creating a booth which emits a vibe of a different world in the smaller space. Best booth combines multiple tiers, rigging to draw a crowd.

With textured walls added, it creates an emerging vibe of two simultaneous dimensions on the trade show floor. Additional exhibition booth ideas: adding spotlights from the (if added) upper-level rigging or snapping pics and sharing them to social media can help build buzz.

4. Entice Guests to Stay Awhile


Provide attendees with some downtime at your event and some space to enjoy it. Creating a booth where the attendees can come and relax a little while where they get the opportunity to meet other attendees. Creating a booth like this will make it easier for your attendees to understand your proposal.

Benefits of snack time: not only do people love free food but giving them this break and space to enjoy it, ties your branding into a positive experience. It also makes a nice photo opportunity.

Pro tip: add a space or item that people will want to capture and share. Make sure you brand it. For instance, if you add a koi pond, place your branding on the bottom of the pool so it shows up in pictures.

5. Create an Ideal Setting for Your Brand


Creating an exhibit which revolves around the product brand offering will create an everlasting impression on the attendees. If your product is related to dairy, Creating a farm showcasing cattle would be a great idea to implement.

Bonus opportunity: If you use a bold item, brand it with at least your hashtag. It will undoubtedly end up in many pictures.

6. Inspire Attendees with Art-like, Live Installations


This is another example of bringing the outdoors in but in an expansive, highly-visible way. Its vertical use of greenery ensures it will get noticed from a distance.

Standing out by going green: replacing a traditional wall with a green one is healthier, more open, more visually appealing, and gives you a natural way to talk about your environmental practices at your company.

Fun idea: on the last day, give the plants away to attendees. If you used succulents, transport and care are easy

7. Take the Green Challenge with a Sustainable Booth


Green efforts have become a trend over the past few years and for good reason.

Booth with recycle-able material like Cardboard, or fiber is cost effective as compared to heavy and non-recycleable material like aluminium or any other material. and, it easier to transport.

Why we consider it: it’s visually appealing and reusable.

Considerable: shipping adds considerable expense to installations so what many businesses are turning to is lightweight, portable materials like cardboard and recycled materials. Good for the planet and less expensive.

8. Set the Mood for a Strong Marketing Message


Creative, intriguing lighting is inviting and can transform your booth into a showcase. Lighting can enhance (or detract) from your marketing message. The booth should uses modern, nearly transformative lighting.

What strikes attendees: The lighting seems like it could almost transport you to another world. It piques curiosity.

Draw the crowd in: choreograph your lighting and sound in a brief show at the top of each hour.

9. Attract Attention Through Whimsical Shapes


Backdrops and walls needn’t be square and boring. You can incorporate a theme into the shape of your booth walls.

You can use whimsical shapes to stand out from the rest.

Why we consider it: Different shapes for the booth immediately let the attendee know the company has something interesting. Which creates a persona that the company is innovative and futuristic in its product.

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