Messe Frankfurt – The Ins and Arounds of Your Next Event Venue

Next Stop – Messe Frankfurt

Is your next event venue Messe Frankfurt?

We are sure you’d like to know all about its local vicinity. Well, stay with us while we answer all your questions.

But first, let’s begin with learning a little about your event venue – Messe Frankfurt.

Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s largest trade fair and event organizer. It has its own exhibition grounds.

Headquartered at the hub of business events, it’s location in Frankfurt too, is extremely central.

Contact Details:

Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, Frankfurt, Germany

Phone number: +49 69 75 75-0

Fax: +49 69 75 75-64 33

How to Reach Messe Frankfurt from Airport?


So, you’re here now and you are pondering about how to reach the venue?

Allow us help you with all the details.

Road distance from Airport to Messe Frankfurt- 14.5 kms.

We suggest the best way to travel is to take a train. It takes about 28 minutes.

There is a direct train from Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Regionalbf to Frankfurt(Main) Hauptbahnhof station that departs every 10 minutes. It will cost you about 7-17 Euros.

Train lines 16 and 17 stop at the main entrance.

The nearest metro station is Frankfurt Central station and the subway station is Festhalle Messe.

In case you plan to take a bus, line 32 stops at the Messe Main Entrance.

There are shuttles that go directly from airport to the venue, they will drop you at halls 3 and 9.

Some Budget Hotels Near Messe


You must be wondering where you’re going to stay.

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the 10 most optimal hotels to stay near Messe Frankfurt for cheap.


And if you’re looking for a dormitory room of sorts, a&o Frankfurt Galluswarte is another cheap hotel.

Stationery Shops and Other Event Necessities


Now you’re at the event and there are some last-minute amendments you need to make. You require some stationery supplies and printouts.

Below is a list of stationery shops near Messe Frankfurt.

Where to Eat? – Best Restaurants near Messe Frankfurt

Restaurant Image
Restaurant Mediterraneo, Frankfurt

Done and dusted with the long and tiring event, are you?

Hungry much?

Here are the best places to eat for the voracious you.


What to Do? – Must visit places and activity avenues near Messe Frankfurt

Hammering Man, Frankfurt

You’ve finally got some free time now that the event is over.

You want to visit places but there isn’t enough time for you to visit it all. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Do you need a list of only the places to visit before you leave Frankfurt? Leave that to us. Check it out below.


  • Free Alternative Walking Tour

Take this tour to cover most of the city and know about the history. It has a team of extremely informative guides that give you a consolidated insight on the awesome facts about the place.

  • Palmengarten

Very close to Messe Frankfurt, this is a beautiful botanical garden with huge greenhouses.

  • Hammering Man

It is a huge steel sculpture that represent the workers (the men who work with their hands) all around the world. Located in the heart of downtown this moving statue is sure to fascinate you.

  • Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge)

This one is an iconic footbridge over river Main with padlocks tied by romantic couples.

  • Alte Oper (Old Opera House)

It is a concert hall now but was originally an opera house. Inaugrated in 1880, it was rebuilt slowly after being destroyed by bombs in 1994.

  • Frankfurt Cathedral

A beautiful church dedicated to St. Bartholomene. Climb up a plethora of levels by stairs to a skyline view that’s worth the effort.

  • Trappd

A thrilling story-based 60-minute escape game for you to be a part of. If you’re here with your team, it’s an exciting must try team-building experience.

  • Museumsufer

Provides a landscape of museums by the river for long walks and enjoying the picturesque serenity of the view. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets here.

  • Rothschild Park

It is a park named after the Rothschild Family.

  • Staedel Museum

One of city’s finest Art Museums.

Places to Shop

Skyline Plaza, Frankfurt

In-between trip essentials?

Here are the 10 best places to shop near Messe Frankfurt.


Nightlife and Bars

Jimmy's Bar, Frankfurt
Still got time to spare?

Well, we think it’s about time you celebrate the thriving success your event was.

Did we just hear you say, ‘so where exactly to party?’

Below is the list of the best bars and pubs near Messe Frankfurt for the party animal within you.


Now that you have all the useful information about Messe Frankfurt, we wish you a successful event and a great time here at Frankfurt.

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