Technology that can Enhance Your Trade Show Booth in 2019

Technology Trends to Follow in 2019

Exhibitions are the ever changing and ever evolving place where every day some new invention changes the game of the trade booth.

Technology has always helped the exhibitors to showcase their product in the best outlook but with ever-changing technology, what are the most prominent gears that you should use in 2019 to stay fresh and look futuristic.

Here are some of the event-techs that you can rent for your next Exhibition trade booth:

1. Separate reality induced by AR or Augmented Reality

Ever since the AR came into the consumer market, it became the buzz of the town.

For people new to this technology, AR or Augmented Reality is a technology us to put an added layer of information in the reality through a medium of smartphone or tablet.

An Exhibitor can use AR to welcome their attendees or take the help of this amazing technology to explain their product or service.

Many MNCs like Google, Apple, Microsoft had invested a ton of ‘mula’ into this new venture.


2. Believing the unbelievable by VR or Virtual Reality

Unlike AR, VR or Virtual Reality is a whole new world. It’s a world within a world, with a lot of unimaginable things and activities.

In today’s world, Exhibitors are using VR to attract attendees to their booth. As it’s interesting, fresh and futuristic, many exhibitors saw a chain reaction where potential clients turned into sales.

How much does it cost?

– VR kits can start from 110 euros upwards, for a full event rental


3. Widen your eyes at Video Walls.

A technology that has been in the market for a while and still looks fresh, Video wall is your go-to place for the technology you need in your trade booth. As display companies put forth the curved display, exhibitors are now experimenting with curved video walls which are attracting attendees like never before.

As the display resolution has been toppled immensely in the past one decade from 720p to 1080p, to 4K and now 8K displays are in the market, video walls became the candy for attendees to attract them.

An exhibitor can take advantage of the video wall by showing well-prepared presentation, demonstration videos, interesting content related to the product or service you offer. It always creates a sparkle in the eyes of the attendees.

How much does it cost?

– A video wall starts at 650 euros.


4. Tablets (Portability at it’s best)

Portability is the virtue for the exhibitors.

From the trade booth to the technology used in it, states the simple fact that is Portability. And when it comes to portability, the tablets are the supreme of technology.

Tablets are the touch screen display, easily held in the hands and powered by either iOS or Android.

It is a very handy device which the exhibitor can carry around to access information rather than carrying a folder of information.

Tablets come real handy at the time of check-in and check-out, countdown timer warning for the speaker, lead capture, survey responses, taking payments and virtually anything that can be done using an internet-connected device with a screen.

Exhibitors and sponsors can use them on secure stands or with special handheld cases.

How much does it cost?

– iPads start approximately from 45 euros to 130 euros.

Event Technology-Tablet

5. Charging station (to charge the phone with power and the attendee with your content)

Phones and portable display devices have become the oxygen for a lot of people. Whether you see at the train station, colleges, offices or even exhibitions, you are connected with an invisible string of cell phone.

But what these cell phones need to operate? Just a few hours of electricity to get them charged.

Installing a power station in your trade booth will turn out to be a power play to attract more attendees to your booth. A powerful idea behind this trick is to implement a screen with the power station, by which you can display a powerful content regarding your company which imprints on the attendee’s mind and helps in converting clients to sales.

How much does it cost?

– A power station starts at 560 Euros


6. Go wireless with Hotspots

Many venues provide the services of WiFi, but the problem with that is the connectivity, speed and most of all the bill they charge you for it.

Rather than using the WiFi at the venue, provide your staff with wireless hotspot with better connectivity and speed ensuring the strong connection, no matter where they roam and helps in a more powerful cellular antenna than smartphones alone.

How much does it cost?

– A wireless hotspot costs 26.70 euros for 3 days.


Technology Solution for Trade Show Booth

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