5 Viral Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your Next Trade Show Booth

Let’s Nail these Viral Marketing Ideas

Okay let’s talk real. In a world like this where “trends” are trending, if your company isn’t trying enough to go viral, you sure are lagging.

We understand you must be tired of the monotony behind going to the same event each year and setting up a booth. Doesn’t it feel like now that you just want to get it over with?

We got the perfect idea for you to up your game! Guess what?




You got that right! Viral Marketing, it is.

Just sit back and let us assure you that it will be so worth it.

Here are five Viral Marketing campaign ideas for you to try for your next trade show booth:

1. Follow the Trend


Try ongoing challenges and viral marketing campaigns.

Yes, it might sound weird but inculcating and emulating an already successful Viral Marketing campaign in that of your own is a wiser choice than you think.

For example, you making your attendees try the Mannequin Challenge will be a whole new scheme for your Viral Marketing in itself. It will be captivating for both, those who are doing it and those who are watching. The spectators might want to try too, so long as it is interesting, what you have to offer.

2. Good Old Sympathy-Gain Trick


This one’s a little cruel maybe or not, depends on you. But a campaign that resonates with the emotional instincts of people and creates a sentimental appeal can be extremely impactful. Focus on serving the greater purpose and yours will be fulfilled in a jiffy. That, if used, will make you not cruel and genuinely benevolent.

Pro-tip: Try instilling charity as the purpose. Enlighten them about the problems and explain how they can help. You can add your CSR programs if you have any, too to your advantage. In a corporate world like this where everyone is so busy and they hardly have time for themselves, they have absolutely no time for social service.

So, the all the warm-hearted people attending the event will spot you from miles away and will not miss out on a chance give back in any way possible. It’s even better, if they’re getting to do it while at work!

3. Think Outside the ‘Brand’


It is not necessary for your Viral Marketing campaign to have your Brand as a message. It is fine if your campaign doesn’t relate at all to what you really do.

People will remember you as the company that had something so unusual. Even if they’re narrating it to somebody, they will talk about what you had to offer on that day, particularly.

And thereafter they will introduce what you as a company do. So, don’t hesitate to go over the board trying to augment the “off-beatness” of your campaign.

4. Why Should Attendees Have All the Fun?


Engage your on-ground crew in the activities that are part of your Viral Marketing campaign. Yes, it works!

Making the on-ground team for the night indulge in activities you are offering is an innovative and a sure-fire way to grab attention.

For example, imagine your sales crew doing a Whip and Nae-Nae Challenge.

That’s something no attendee would want to miss out on.

And if we can’t convince you with that, let us put it this way- why should the exhibition process be boring for you? Have fun while you’re at it!

5. The Mandatory Social Media Show-Off


Any Viral Marketing campaign can’t really be viral until it’s up on social media. Nothing these days can be. So, try using all channels of social media. This can be done in two ways namely- Photos and Videos.

But as explained earlier, we’re going to follow the trend and in 2019, videos are trending!

95% of millennial watch videos on social media daily.

(Source: Animoto 2017)

So be it Instagram or Facebook or YouTube, just upload videos from your marketing campaign to increase the span of reach and if it’s worth it, it will for sure go viral. In best cases, it goes viral overnight.

So now you know how to go about your Viral Marketing campaign for the next trade show booth that you put up. What are you waiting for? Just go for it!

Give us a call when you start planning the same, we can help you out with all the requirements for your trade show booth and the Viral Marketing campaign.

Planning a Viral Marketing Campaign?

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