5 Exhibit Design Tips to Crack ITB Berlin 2020

Exhibit Design Tips for ITB Berlin 2020: The only design guide you need!

So what is the key to ITB Berlin? 

Most of the exhibitors do everything yet fail to achieve their event marketing goals. ITB Berlin is such a big tourism show that due to its huge scale a lot of pressure adds on.

We made certain observations which we think will be quite helpful to the exhibitors planning to participate in ITB Berlin 2020.

These exhibit design ideas will help your brand stand out in the trade show.

ITB Berlin is an exhibition where you don’t want to miss any chance of surprises, extravaganzas, and treats. No matter if your booth is small or large, don’t miss the most essential element, i.e. Exhibit Design. Else, you’ll waste your golden ticket of being visible to your attendees.

So, here we are with 5 exhibit design tips that will make your brand stand out (Read till last for our bonus tip).

1. Make your Culture your USP



Culture brings people together!

Showcasing your culture can actually help attract visitors to your booth.

Around 10,000 exhibitors from around the world exhibit at ITB Berlin every year. So, what makes you unique is your own culture.

Putting your cultural and architectural cues in your exhibit design will help you stand out from the rest. As well as, it will make your attendees more intrigued about your culture.

Don’t forget – your culture can actually help you get business!

2. Display your Company with Displays


Tourism is all about the experience, colors, and taste. So, why do we need to capture it in words?

You can convey your message in a more powerful yet subtle way by using exhibit booth display elements.

Create an Impact, not boredom!

Use video walls, LED walls and backlit posters for maximum visitor attraction.

Fact: Content with visuals get 94% more total views (source: Fast Company.com).

Display content curated entirely based on what tourism professionals need. It will help you with higher engagement and better networking opportunities with them.

3. Go Bold


Want to catch the eye at ITB Berlin in 2020?


Bold graphics relevant to travel and with contrasting back wall in your exhibit design can make your attendees go WOW. But remember, bold design works best when it is viewable without clutter.

4. Don’t want to go overboard – Use Textures!


Textures can help create an imaginary environment.

It will definitely help you get attention without going overboard.

ITB Berlin is a show where you witness different heights. From extreme high to an extreme low. So, textures can play an important role to get attention.

Having textured elements in your exhibit design will surely help in elevating your presence in ITB Berlin 2020. Visitors will definitely stop by to realize what exactly it is.

Example: In the image above, Latvia has used magnetic waves in the form of texture. This is going along with their tagline and of course – people are stopping by.

5. Hang Your Identity


Make your exhibit stand go wow with hanging elements.

Hanging elements in your exhibit design will help in giving depth to your booth. Hang those elements that co-relate with your identity or what it refers to.

Example: At ITB Berlin 2019, Taiwan tourism used one of the most basic yet most relatable elements of their region – Umbrellas. This gave a feeling that we are in Taiwan. Eventually, the experience is all that matters.


Bonus Tip:

6. Shape That Shapes Your Presence


Geometry is not limited to your high school books. In fact, it can help you make your exhibit design more fun and playful. Attendees perceive you as young and fresh and would like to connect with you for the ideas you would have.

Using a unique shape breaks the monotony for the visitors. If we think from a visitor’s mind who is walking for hours to get a solution – it’s refreshing!



Putting forth an effective exhibit design is having half a journey complete to a successful exhibition. Applying these ideas in your exhibit design will not just make your presence visible but also increase your chances in increasing your ROI.

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